The beatles

When I was a boy in mt. hope

I listened to the radio every night before I fell asleep.

The later it was the more stations I could pick up

Exotic places like wls in Chicago; wabc in ny

And a blues station out of Louisiana

Some nights I'd even get texas and mexico.

Music was like a light coming on inside of me

I equated it with happiness

When people we're singing they seemed happy

They seemed alive

They seemed not weighed down by the day to day

Drudgery that silenced the soul

One night, on wabc out of ny

I heard what sounded like pure joy coming out of my little radio

It sounded like laughing with a melody

Like they were singing right to me

Like they knew I was in love with the girl in the third row of English class

At that moment I became connected to the magic in the air

It was a very private yet universal feeling

The announcer said, that was the beatles

Yea yea yea

marchetti 08